Recapping the wonderful weddings of 2015

Cheers to all the beautiful people I got to photograph this year.

I experienced some amazing moments between bride & grooms, family members, and friends.

Thank you to all of the couples that let me be apart of their special day, I truly loved being apart!

Cannot wait for my 2016 bride & grooms and all the exciting new locations I get to photograph them in around the country!

bTwirl Spring 2015-216bKayla and John's Wedding-778bbRice Wedding-546bSam and Jordan Formals-298b44-101bKayla and John's Wedding-1061bTwirl July 2015-166bKayla and John's Wedding-1345bKayla and John's Wedding-153bTwirl Spring 2015-114bRice Wedding-227bMarshall Wedding-55bMojda and Reid's Wedding -663bMojda and Reid's Wedding -677bTwirl Fall Shoot 2015-283bKayla and John's Wedding-1321bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-295bLauren and Jeremy-4bLorenz Wedding-175bAlex & Alan Wedding Day-391bBrooke&Graeme-560bRice Wedding-236bAlex & Alan Wedding Day-461bAlex & Alan Wedding Day-17btwirl feb-100bLorenz Wedding-553bLorenz Wedding-530bRice Wedding-36bKrissy and Ethan Wedding-75bRice Wedding-494bTwirl July 2015-43bKayla and John's Wedding-1132bTwirl Spring 2015-226bKayla and John's Wedding-1195bKayla and John's Wedding-746bKayla and John's Wedding-542bLauren and Jeremy-107bLauren and Jeremy-91bSam and Jordan Formals-45bSam and Jordan Formals-9bLorenz Wedding-112btwirl feb-125bBrooke&Graeme-362bAlex & Alan Wedding Day-332bLorenz Wedding-174bLauren and Jeremy-281btwirl feb-221bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-129bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-148btwirl feb-42bRice Wedding-552bTwirl July 2015-138bTwirl Spring 2015-155bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-98bKrissy and Ethan Wedding-257bTwirl Fall Shoot 2015-208bbTwirl Fall Shoot 2015-158bMojda and Reid's Wedding -701bTwirl Spring 2015-112bKayla Bridals-51bKayla and John's Wedding-1363bLorenz Wedding-618bRice Wedding-354bBrooke&Graeme-493bTwirl July 2015-86bLauren and Jeremy-201bMarshall Wedding-120bMojda and Reid's Wedding -630bTwirl Fall Shoot 2015-244bTwirl July 2015-264bKayla and John's Wedding-459bTwirl Spring 2015-133bSam and Jordan Formals-272bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-189btwirl feb-129bBrooke&Graeme-70bKayla and John's Wedding-824bTwirl Spring 2015-161bTwirl July 2015-19bMarshall Wedding-123bLauren and Jeremy-342bBrooke&Graeme-344bBrooke&Graeme-594bLauren and Jeremy-158bKayla and John's Wedding-905bSam & Jordan Wedding Day-111bbRice Wedding-531