The afternoon we got engaged

Last thursday night, we drove up to Sadie and Madison’s up in Lake Tahoe. Friday morning we woke up and Sadie wanted to go do a photoshoot up by the lake. I obviously agreed because I also wanted to go take pictures of the lake /scenery. Shane told us to go ahead and do a photoshoot without him, he was going to go see Madison’s office in Incline Village. We decided we would all meet up for lunch after the pictures. So me and Sadie made our way around the lake, stopping at cool places. Then she told me we really needed to go to this beautiful beach that has these big rocks in and around it. The beach was on the back side of this hill. We trecked through snow to get over to the hill. As I got to the top of the hill, I noticed a red rose petal on the ground surrounded by all the snow. I made a casual comment to Sadie “Look how random, a rose petal in the snow” and just kept walking. From that point on, each step I took I saw more and more rose petals. That’s when I realized something was up! Then I turned this little corner and saw Shane sitting on this rock. He looked so handsome. He stood up and walked towards me to grab my hands. We faced each other as he told me the sweetest words he has ever said. It all seems like a bit of a blur, but one thing I do know is how freezing cold and windy it was! Even though we were nearly numb, it didn’t seem to matter in that moment.

We had some delicious Thai food for dinner that night to celebrate. I felt on cloud 9 all weekend with Shane, the snow, Renzi, and the most beautiful ring in the world on my finger.