When Renzi found her new family

I’ve had my eye on Golden doodles for quite some time now. I had been talking to Shane about them, telling him how puppy hungry I was.

The feeling would pass, then it would come back almost weekly. Finally I had dropped it until around Thanksgiving time. Shane felt like looking up breeders to see what puppies were out there.

He spent days looking around online and finally found her. He showed me a picture and told me she was perfect. Of course I agreed that she was perfect, but the chance of actually getting her wasn’t likely in my mind. Days passed and I kind of forget about her.

Fast forward to last Wednesday evening: I am sitting at Shane’s house as he is at a “work dinner.” He had been gone for a couple hours, so I texted him and asked how much longer until he was back, he told me not for another 2 hours! I was bummed so I went down the street to get a hot cocoa, instead of sitting in his house alone. I got my hot cocoa, came back to his place but stayed in my car with the heater on because it was so cold outside! I am sitting there, looking at my phone, listening to music, and sippin on my hot chocolate. Then I see Shane drive behind me down into his parking garage. I was like “heyyyy, he wasn’t suppose to be home for two more hours!” I then decide to get out of my car and go scare him on his way up from the garage. As I go to hide, I instead just shouted out “Hey you sneaky boy, you told me you weren’t…..” then I saw her in his arms. It was dark outside and I couldn’t tell if I was imaging a dream coming true or if it was real life. I was silent and in shock, then let out a “Nooooo!” He sets her on the ground to walk up to me and my heart melted.

Shane had really been at LAX picking up our little Renzi. She flew from South Carolina allllllll the way to California to have a new family. She is perfect in every way. We have been obsessed with everything about her ever since that first night. Excited about having this little mini golden doodle in our lives!

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